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How to choose paper making felts

By£ºJiusheng Felt 2019-12-06 09:25

paper making felt for paper machine
How to choose press felts includes the following details.
1. Variety, weight and size for choosing paper making felts.
Variety selection refers to the selection of felts suitable for the machine and different parts among many different types of paper-making felts.
The square meter weight of felt must be selected reasonably according to many factors of paper machine,when the type of felt is determined, 
The selection of the size includes the selection of the length and width of the paper making felt.The determination of the length refers to the actual length of the paper felt 
in normal operation under the tension state of the paper machine. The change state of the felt's elongation should be fully considered.The determination of width means that the paper felts can meet the actual width of normal operation when it is tensioned on the paper machine, and the shrinkage change of the selected felts should also be fully considered.
2.Air permeability and density for choosing paper making felts.
The selection of air permeability is the key to determine the normal and efficient operation of the paper machine and the service life of the felt. At the same time, the 
change curve of air permeability in the use process should be fully considered.The choice of density is an important index to measure the permeability of felt.
3. Special requirements for paper making felts
The special properties of paper-making felts are developed to meet the special requirements of special paper machine and special paper type.
4.Technical considerations for choosing paper making felt
Nowadays, it is generally believed that paper making felts are customized. Each felt is designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of a certain paper machine,according to the speed,position on machine, paper type, specification, etc. Therefore, when designing and selecting press felts, the following factors must be paid attention to.When selecting the press felts, we must pay special attention to the relevant technical parameters of the paper machine. The actual use conditions of the paper machine should be known well, so that we can adjust the technology and technical parameters of the felt to  meet the actual demand of it.
Line pressure and mechanical load for choosing paper making felts.
The linear pressure and mechanical load in the press area of paper machine are in direct proportion to the strength requirement of felts. Higher the line pressure is, the better compression resistance,tensile strength,and the elastic recovery performance of paper making felts is required, so that the felt can last for a long time with good water filtering performance and water holding space. vacuum state for choosing paper making felts.The vacuum degree of the paper machine system and the setting state of the vacuum system directly determine the moisture content of the paper-making felt, especially the bottom web paper making felt.Small, clean degree and dehydration performance state. If the vacuum is too small, it will lead to poor dehydration of the wet paper, high moisture content of the felt, and insufficient pressure in the pressing area.It is difficult to introduce paper and the felt is not clean. If the vacuum is too large, the transmission load of the paper machine will increase, the wear of the net felt will increase, and the energy will be wasted.
Washing condition for choosing paper making felts. 
The washing condition includes the configuration of washing device, the requirements of washing water quality, the setting of washing water pressure and vacuum degree.
The polyester effect is in direct proportion. When choosing paper making felt, we must pay attention to the washing conditions of paper machine. Under normal circumstances, we require each manufacturer'spaper machines should have good washing conditions to meet the requirements of nets and felts, but the actual situation is each paper machine is different,and the situation of paper machine is different in different periods. Therefore, when choosing paper making felts, the varieties of paper making felts should be adjusted within a certain range.It is absolutely necessary to adjust the structure proportion, manufacturing process and setting degree to meet the needs of paper machine. Usually, for low-pressure flushing less than 0.3MPa, only low-weight and thin felt can be used, while it's 0.3-0.5mpa, normal felt can be usedand for 0.6-3.0MPa, high-volume felt and bottom net felt can be selected.
Slurry situationfor choosing paper making felts.
The quality of the pulp not only affects the quality of the paper to be made, but also plays an important role in the filter state and service life of the feltThe beating degree 
of pulp, the viscosity of filler and the content of impurities are inversely proportional to the water filtration performance of the felt. In addition, the chemical fiber felt is alkali resistant avoid acid, the pH value of the size also has a certain impact on the felt. When choosing the matching paper felt, it is necessary to pay attention to the size 
ratioThe parameters such as the beating degree and wet weight of the pulp, the use of chemical products and the pH value of the pulp will directly affect the water filtration performance of the paper felt duration, but also affect the surface of paper making felt paste state.

Dehydration mode for choosing paper making felts.
The press type of paper machine determines the dehydration mode of wet paper.Different press type requires different paper making felts. According to the pressing line pressure, vacuum degree, the matching state of felt and the setting state of vacuum system,and washing state to choose the paper making felt with suitable performance.  it is better to select the felt with larger compressibility and smaller quantity; for the vertical dewatering, press dewatering and vacuum suction coexistIn general, paper making felt with small compressibility, good elasticity and large quantity is used in the paper machine. The number of layers of the bottom net of the press felt shall also be selected according to the above.The parameters of the press part of the paper machine can be determined. If the conditions are good, the felts with more layers can be used to extend the paper felts.Its service life, speed of paper making locomotive and quality of paper are improved.

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