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What is paper making felt

By£ºJiusheng Felt 2019-12-08 18:51

Paper felt refers to the fabric felt used for paper forming and conveying in the paper industry. They need to have good dehydration, smoothness, pollution resistance, wear resistance, dimensional stability, drug resistance, antibacterial, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance.
According to the position on the paper machine, it can be defined as wet felt, on felt and dryer felt. Wet felt in paper machine with the water running, role is to press paper blank to make it dehydrated and paper surface smooth. The wet felt has good water filtration and elasticity, high strength, small shrinkage, wear resistance, resistance to bacteria and acid-base corrosion.The upper part of the felt is above the wet felt, with a small part contacting the drying cylinder, which plays the role of leading paper, flattening and drying, and has the properties of flatness, rigidity, good elasticity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The dryer felt covers the drying cylinder, operates in the wet, hot and dry state, and irons the paper.Drying function, with solid, good elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance. Dryer felt can also be replaced by canvas or air permeable fabric made of polyester filament.

Processing & manufacturing
The processing method of paper making felt is to make a thick and thin bottom cloth with synthetic fiber first, and then lay a mixed fiber net of synthetic fiber and a small amount of wool, which is made by needling, chemical treatment, resin finishing and heat setting.There are two kinds of papermaking felts: woven and knitted. Woven and paper making felts are made of wool and nylon short fiber blended yarn with a blending ratio of about 75:25 through weaving, shrinking, pilling, drying and finalizing. The manufacturing method of needled paper-making felt is to first mix 50% wool and 50% short nylon fiber or 100% short nylon fiber is combed into a fiber net, which is overlapped in multiple layers, and then the steel needle with barb is used to prick the fiber net onto the pre woven circular bottom cloth, so as to achieve a certain degree of tightness and flatness. The methods of acupuncture are single-sided acupuncture and double-sided acupuncture. It has the characteristics of good water filtration, wear resistance, high strength and fine duration.

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