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How to maintain the paper making felt

By£ºJiusheng Felt 2019-12-13 20:25

Paper making felt is a delicate consumable on the paper machine, and also an effective guarantee for making good paper. You need to learn a lot so that you can choose a good paper making felt and use it properly. 

In the production process, the small fiber, filler, rubber, pigment and other substances in the paper material, as well as the impurities in the production water, are easy to adhere to the felt, block the pore of the blanket, and affect the absorption and drainage of the it.

The washing of the blanket is one of the keys to ensure the good dehydration performance of the pressing part and prolong the service life of the felt. It is more important for needled blankets, because the surface fluff is long and thick, the gap between fibers is small, it is easier to be blocked, and it is difficult to clean after contamination and blocking.More than 90% of the machine under the blanket is not due to wear but to blockage, so the key to use the blanket is washing.There are two ways to wash blanket: continuous washing in normal production and  washing when the machine is stopped.

1) water needle spray cleaning: the water pressure is 1.47 ~ 2.45 × 106 PA,
The utility model has the advantages of less water, less chemical cleaning agent can be used by using the forced impact effect of the water needle.
The disadvantage is that the blanket is damaged greatly.
The cleaning surface is the felt sticker page, and the washing water temperature is recommended to use about 50 ¡æ to enhance the scale removal, which can be determined according to the actual production situation.

2) intermittent chemical cleaning on the machine: detergent, hydrochloric acid or alkaline solution can be used for intermittent cleaning, and they can be prepared in a proper concentration, which can be transferred to the whole blanket. After the chemical concentrate is used up within the specified time, the chemicals remaining in the blanket can be washed off with clear water. When cleaning with acid, the concentration shall not exceed 5% of dilute acid, otherwise, when nylon meets with concentrated acid, the wool will harden and the filtration will be affected.

3) continuous cleaning on the machine: it can keep the blanket in the final state all the time, so as to achieve high efficiency of copying. Continuous cleaning on the machine is a good method.

The continuous cleaning on the machine is not to remove the dirt that can not cause the blanket blockage, but to try to remove the dirt before it is stained on the blanket or when it has just penetrated into the blanket. The concentration of cleaning agent for continuous cleaning is generally 0.01-0.06%.
The cost of continuous cleaning agent is higher, but the advantage is that it can prolong the service life of the blanket, and often make the blanket in a good state, which is conducive to reducing consumption, reducing the loss of broken ends, and improving the quality of paper.
Precautions for using blankets:

In addition to the above, the operation and use of blankets must also pay attention to the following points:

1) the needled wet blanket is flat and thick, which is not easy to discount. After the new blanket is put on the machine, do not over tension. First, drive the slow car to spray water, evenly wet the blanket, and make it naturally shrink; and it needs to be idled for 6-10 minutes to make it hydrophilic, and remove a small amount of floating hair. Before putting the pulp and making paper, properly tension the blanket. Generally, it is used loosely, which will not affect the operation. If the tension is too tight, it will cause the blanket to shrink laterally, the hole of the base cloth will be deformed, and it is not easy to filter water.

2) when the paper machine is stopped, the blanket must be relaxed to avoid tension after drying and the blanket will be damaged. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the blanket should be washed with water and then relaxed. When the machine is started, it is required to drive slowly and spray water to wet the blanket. After the blanket is wet, it is required to pressurize and drive fast.

3) if the blanket is too wide, the edge shall be pulled, and the cut shall be neat, and the operation shall be careful when pulling. 

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